Our Products

Free Range Chicken Eggs


We spoil our chickens and feed them only the highest-quality food. Research shows chickens who eat a healthy diet and have room to roam produce better eggs. Our flock includes Arcanas, Red Stars, Black Stars, and  Andalusians. 

Eggs are available by the dozen or at wholesale to local businesses. 

Local, Raw Honey


There are so many health benefits to eating local, raw honey. We sell honey in its natural state preserving enzymes, antioxidants, and local pollen which is believed to strengthen the immune system. 

**Honey is not to be consumed by children under two.**

Hay Bales


We sell square bale hay as supplies last throughout the year.  Our hay is free of pesticides and grown using sustainable farming methods. 

Fresh, Locally Grown Produce In Season


Our fruits and vegetables are grown here on our farm without pesticides. When you choose locally grown produce, not only can you taste the difference but you support your local farmers.